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Low Cost Carriers for Europe

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One of the key resouces for individual/customised travel is knowing the low cost way to get around long distances without burning hole in the pocket. Below is the list of low cost carriers (LCC's) that we have found useful when planning trips for our customers. Links below open in new window.

  1. EasyJet - www.easyjet.com - covers UK+Europe
  2. RyanAir - www.ryanair.com - Irish LCC covering Ireland, UK & Europe
  3. Cimber - www.cimber.com - LCC connecting Scandavania and Eastern Europe
  4. Iceland Express - www.icelandexpress.com - airline connecting Iceland to Europe/Scandinavia and the USA. Considering it takes you to one of the remote (aka expensive!) destination, it borderline qualifies as LCC !
  5. www.hlx.com
  6. www.skyeurope.com
  7. www.transavia.com
  8. www.myair.com
  9. www.alpieagles.com
  10. www.flybaboo.com
  11. www.flypgs.com - LCC connecting Europe including Turkey
  12. www.onurair.com.tr - LCC - internal flights within Turkey
  13. Wikitravel site with useful links and information - http://wikitravel.org/en/Discount_airlines
  14. Wikipedia links to list of LCC's across world - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_low-cost_airlines