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FlexiGroups (Small Group Tours)

Usual Story of '9 countries/12 days' Group Tours...

Love a cafe and want to spend evening there soaking up the local scene sampling local wine/food?
Sorry no can do ! Because you are already booked with the hotels's restaurant for a (mostly) Indian buffet (and paid for it!)

Group tours usually conjure up images of big groups of 50-100+ people on coaches from the time they land at the destination right up till they are dropped off back at airport usually covering 8 countries in 18 days!

FlexiGroup Tours (small groups)

Now imagine a group of friends or families travelling. You have a overall itinerary in mind that covers fewer but key places. There are few star attractions that all of you want to see, while the less significant ones you may or may not do based on how you feel on the day.

Or at some places you might just want to take it easy and explore the town on your own with your partner sans the group! For longer distances, you would like to ride the fast & comfortable trains and use the coach for transfer to/from hotels and local sightseeing.

Are you looking for such group tours!? You're at the right place! Click here for full details about our FlexiGroup Tours, inclusions and how to book.

Current FlexiGroup tours:

1 France-Italy Explorer (14 nights/15 days)
2 Best of Italy (6 nights/7 days)
3 France: Town and Country (8 nights/9 days) FlexiGroup
4 What are FlexiGroups? Inclusions & How to Book