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Our Eurail Services:

  1. Booking of Eurail/Swiss passes & reservations.
  2. Planning your eurail routes to save travel time & cost (direct/fewest connections)
  3. Recommend overnight sleeper trains - free up sightseeing time & save on hotel stays.
  4. Booking point to point tickets for short tours.
  5. Analysis of requirements: Eurail pass vs. point to point tickets - which is cheapest option for you?

Contact us for your Eurail booking requirements. You can also book RailEurope products online by clicking here

Europe has one of the most extensive, modern and safe network of comfortable trains zipping up and down and across countries. It easily beats the road and it comes close to compete with  the airplane in terms of the ease of travelling from a city centre to another. With a plane one obviously has to factor in transfers at both ends. Such a train network is not only easy on the pocket but also easy on the environment as on a per mile basis comparision the fast trains emit about six times less CO2 then the same journey by plane !

We are authorised agents for Eurail bookings in India and our staff are well trained to handle your eurail travel planning and booking.


High speed rail travel produces up to 90% less CO2 emissions than similar modes of transport
Travel makes up 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the European Community, of which CO2 accounts for 96%. By choosing rail, rather than car or plane travel, you can contribute to keeping those emissions to a minimum. For instance, a Eurostar journey from London to Paris emits 11.2kg of CO2, compared with 68.9kg for a plane journey between London and Paris.

Many high speed trains are powered by electricity, so they don’t emit carbon. Their carbon footprint is dependent on how they generate that electrical power. Swiss Railways have virtually no emissions as their electricity is generated by hydroelectric power.

Several of the train operators, such as Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn (DB), have made a commitment to reduce their existing emissions even further. All Eurostar journeys are carbon-neutral at no extra cost to the traveler, thanks to offsetting. Deutsche Bahn buys only renewable energy from local sources.
So, by choosing to travel by train when you’re in Europe, you’re helping to minimize carbon emissions.