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France: Food and Wine Holidays - An Introduction

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Good Food, Good Wine, Good Life.

Delightful and fun-filled tours for the foodies and the not so extreme foodies.

Drive to the vineyards, walk them, cycle them and work up the appetite for that lunch and dinner. Meet the winemakers, see the cellars. Enjoy that heavenly cheese? See how its made.

Want something more? Try your hand at cooking sessions with local chefs and see if you score over the locals! A sure way to impress your group (or partner)

Black Grape offer culinary tours to France (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne) & the grape city of India (Nasik). In France, we can customise holidays to other major wine regions like Provence/Rhone & Alsace regions including the wine tour (Strasbourg, Obernai & the Rhine/Black Forest region in Germany)


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Other Options & Activities (France wine tours)

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France - Wine Regions

 Burgundy is home to some of the finest vineyards and wine in the word. It produces reds (pinot noir) and whites (chardonnay) of exceptional quality.

Bordeaux is the producer of some finest wines in the world. 700 million bottles of wine are produced with an average vintage, majority (80%+) of which is red wine.

Champagne wine region is obviously know for its sparkling wine. Chardonny and Pinot Noir are the main grapes grown in this area.

Besides above regions, we can also custom design vineyard tours for individuals & groups to wine regions of Upper Rhine Valley (Strousbourg, Black Forest, Basel), Champagne, Provence and wine regions of Italy (Chianti - Tuscany and others).

The tours are designed to take you through the key local experiences including vineyard visits, castles, gourmet dinners, wine tasting (lots of it!) and rustic accommodation. Along with other activities in Burgundy, visit Maison Champy, the first wine house established in Burgundy in 1720.

Other Options/Activities in regions:

As with any Black Grape holiday, this one too can be customised to the tiny detail. Paris – been there, done that? We can offer other destinations in France or provide more activities in Burgundy and other areas. We have researched other optional activities just for you. Something will definitely take your fancy.

For the foodies and not so foodies - select from these optional activities:

  1. Hot-air ballooning or helicopter rides

  2. Golf

  3. Fishing

  4. Canal barge/boat stay

  5. Cooking sessions

  6. Go-karting

  7. Visit to Magny F1 Grand Prix track

  8. And many more options...

And remember, red wine never looks good on white clothes :)

Never count on others in the group to babysit you back to your hotel ! Drink responsibly.